• New TRR-paper! Compendium of specialized metabolite biosynthetic diversity encoded in bacterial genomes

    Congratulations to Athina Gavriilidou, Satria Kautsar, Nestor Zaburannyi, Daniel Krug, Rolf Müller, Marnix Medema and Nadine Ziemert!

    By analyzing a huge number of bacterial genomes for potentially…

  • New TRR-publication! Versatile synthesis of pathogen specific bacterial cell wall building blocks

    Congratulations to Lukas Martin Wingen, Christina Braun, Marvin Rausch, Harald Gross, Tanja Schneider and Dirk Menche!

    A modular three coupling strategy involving a versatile solid phase peptide…

  • New TRR-paper! Structural insights into ClpP protease side exit pore-opening by a pH drop coupled with substrate hydrolysis.

    The catalytic cycle of ClpP is dynamic and ADEP helped to shed further light on the details and intermittent stages: Delineating the mechanisms of substrate engagement and product release …

  • New TRR-paper! A data management infrastructure for the integration of imaging and omics data in life sciences

    Authors describe a data management architecture for integrated, FAIR-supporting management of omics and biomedical imaging data, and exemplify its applicability for basic biology research and clinical…

  • New TRR publication! Synergetic Antimicrobial Activity and Mechanism of Clotrimazole-Linked CO-Releasing Molecules

    In a collaborative effort, several of our TRR members unraveled the multi-layered mode of action of a new clotrimazole-linked carbon-monoxide releasing antibacterial agent. Congratulations to all authors! 


  • New paper! An Isotopic Probe to Follow the Stereochemical Course of Dehydratase Reactions in Polyketide and Fatty Acid Biosynthesis

    New TRR-paper on dehydratases! Congratulations to all authors! Four stereoisomeric and isotopically labelled probes that are suitable to easily follow the stereochemical course of dehydratases have…

  • Zwei TRR261-Kurzvorträge der digitalen VAAM Jahrestagung 2022 wurden prämiert!

    Die besten Kurzvorträge und Posterbeiträge der digitalen VAAM Jahrestagung 2022 wurden prämiert. Wir gratulieren allen Preisträgern! Vor allem möchten wir ganz herzlich Irina Voitsekhovskaia (TRR261…

  • New paper! Generation of Lasso Peptide-Based ClpP Binders

    New paper on ClpP work from the Brötz-Oesterhelt team! Congratulations! The team engineered a lasso peptide to contain an IGF loop and studied its interactions with ClpP.

    To read the paper follow…

  • Es wurde ein Baum in Nicaragua für TRR261 gepflanzt!

    Die Salon Deluxe Werbeagentur – YEAH! hat dem TRR261 nicht nur ein großartiges Logo erstellt, sondern unterstützt uns bei unseren Nachhaltigkeit-Zielen! Vielen Dank für die Baumurkunde! 


  • Christina Braun (AG D. Menche) received the Sigrid Peyerimhoff-Preis 2021!

    It is our great pleasure to announce that Christina Braun received the Sigrid Peyerimhoff-Preis 2021! 

    In 2019, emeritus chemist Sigrid Peyerimhoff set up an endowment fund under the umbrella…