TRR 261

Cellular Mechanisms of Antibiotic Action and Production

In-depth understanding of antibiotic activities in target cells and biosynthesis processes in producer strains



December 14th at 3:00pm
Cellmap-Colloquium at Bonn

Jeanne Salje - Peptidoglycan in obligate intracellular bacteria

Host: B. Henrichfreise

January 11th at 12:30pm
Cellmap-Colloquium at Bonn

Dorte Frees   (University of Copenhagen)

Host: G. Bierbaum

April 28th at 12:30pm
Cellmap-Colloquium at Tuebingen

Thorsten Brinkhoff - Tropodithietic acid – a multifunctional antibiotic in marine Rhodobacteraceae

Host: S. Grond