TRR 261

Cellular Mechanisms of Antibiotic Action and Production

In-depth understanding of antibiotic activities in target cells and biosynthesis processes in producer strains



June 14th at 12:30pm
Cellmap-Colloquium at Bonn

Biljana Mojsoska _ Roskilde University, DK

Host: A. Müller

June 23rd at 3:15pm
Cellmap-Colloquium at Tübingen

Fabian Commichau - The evolution of glyphosate resistance in bacteria – a journey from Gram-positive to Gram-negative species

Host: C. Mayer

June 30th at 12:30pm
Cellmap-Colloquium at Bonn

Ikuro Abe _ Universität Tokyo, JP

Host: J. Dickschat