Research Projects

Principal investigators and projects

Project Area A:

Antibiotic activities in target cells

Mechanism of prokaryotic specificity of ADEP antibiotics
Disturbing bacterial morphogenesis by antibiotic action
Impact of carba-glucosamine on bacterial cell metabolism
Mode of action of rhodomyrtone (Rom) and synthesized derivatives and studying the resistance mechanism mediated by FarE/FarR
Cellular responses to the antibiotic fosfomycin
Mechanisms of β-lactam induced persistence in chlamydiae
Mode of action of cell wall biosynthesis inhibitors in Wolbachia spp.
Recognition mechanisms of guanidine-containing lipopeptide antibiotics for cell wall precursor targets
From primary target inhibition to collapse of the cell envelope biosynthetic network
Impact of antibiotics on the spatio-temporal organization of the cell wall biosynthesis machinery

Project Area B:

Antibiotic biosynthesis in producer cells

Spatial and temporal cellular assembly of the glycopeptide biosynthetic complex
Functional dissection of transport processes during glycopeptide antibiotic production
Cellular responses to heterologously expressed antibiotic gene clusters
Horizontal transfer, evolution and cellular integration of Staphylococcus antibiosis islands
Cellular adaptation mechanisms to horizontal gene transfer of antibiotic gene clusters in the model system Amycolatopsis
Phosphopantetheinyl transferases in antibiotic biosynthesis
Effects of double bond shifts in polyketide biosynthesis
Structures of cellular machineries relevant for antibiotic synthesis and action

Project Area Z:

Central and service projects

Chemical analysis, isolation and synthesis of antibiotics
Advanced fluorescence microscopy
Omics analysis and bioinformatics
Central administration, coordination and future development of the TRR 261