Annika Krüger receives Sigrid Peyerimhoff-Award

Annika Krüger receives Sigrid Peyerimhoff-Award

It is our great pleasure to announce that Annika Krüger received the Sigrid Peyerimhoff-Preis 2022! As a MSc-student from the University of Bonn (Prof. Dr. Kubitscheck’s research group) she received the award for her outstanding MSc-work with the title  "Investigation of the antimicrobial mode of action of Teixobactin on biomimetic membrane model systems".

Congratulations to Annika Krüger and to Prof. Ulrich Kubitschek from TRR261!


About the Award:

In 2019, emeritus chemist Sigrid Peyerimhoff set up an endowment fund under the umbrella of the University Bonn Foundation. The aim of the foundation is to promote the field of chemistry in science and research at the University of Bonn. To fulfil this purpose, a so-called consumption fund has been set up, which annually awards the Sigrid Peyerimhoff Sponsorship Prize – in the amount of 2,000 euros for an outstanding master's thesis of a student in chemistry and - as well as the Sigrid Peyerimhoff Research Award - in the amount of 3,000 euros to a young scientist for an excellent publication (for example, dissertation, habilitation thesis, postdoctoral thesis) in the field of physical and theoretical chemistry.