Date Event
28th Jul 2022

Sven Halbedel - An essential protein phosphorylation controls peptidoglycan biosynthesis in Listeria monocytogenes

Host: C. Mayer / P. Sass


Date Event
30th Jun 2022

Ikuro Abe - Unusual enzyme reactions in natural product biosynthesis

Host: J. Dickschat

23rd Jun 2022

Fabian Commichau - The evolution of glyphosate resistance in bacteria – a journey from Gram-positive to Gram-negative species

Host: C. Mayer

14th Jun 2022

Biljana Mojsoska _ Antimicrobial drug development - An ongoing investigation of the multiple applications of peptidomimetics

Host: A. Müller

10th May 2022

Philipp Heretsch _Radical and radical-polar crossover logic in terpenoid synthesis

Host: D. Menche

2nd May 2022

William Gerwick - Genomic and Informatic Frontiers in Marine Natural Products Research

Host: H. Groß

28th Apr 2022

Thorsten Brinkhoff - Tropodithietic acid – a multifunctional antibiotic in marine Rhodobacteraceae

Host: S. Grond

27th Jan 2022

Ilana Kolodkin-Gal - Communal antibiotic resistance and production within differentiated biofilm communities

Host: S. Wagner

11th Jan 2022

Dorte Frees  -  How do Staphylococcus aureus benefit from inactivating the ClpXP protease in vivo?

Host: G. Bierbaum

14th Dec 2021

Jeanne Salje - Peptidoglycan in obligate intracellular bacteria

Host: B. Henrichfreise

25th Nov 2021

Julia Bandow - Unravelling antibiotic mechanisms of action with the help of OMICs technologies

Host: H. Brötz-Oesterhelt

28th Oct 2021

Andrew Edwards - Antibiotic resistance: mechanisms and novel therapeutics

Host: S. Heilbronner / A. Peschel

20th Jul 2021

Rebecca Goss - GenoChemetics: blending synthetic chemistry and synthetic biology to access natural products and new to nature natural products

Host: G. Mayer

15th Jul 2021

Tilmann Weber - The Molecular Treasure Hunt – An ‘Omics-based Approach to Find New Bioactive Compounds

Host: E. Stegmann

24th Jun 2021

Jörn Piel - Swiss army knife natural product enzymes

Host: H. Brötz-Oesterhelt

8th Jun 2021

Robin Teufel - Key redox-tailoring steps in the biosynthesis of bacterial polyketide and tropone antibiotics

Host: J. Dickschat

27th May 2021

Alexander Titz - Bacterial lectins as targets for pathoblockers

Host: C. Mayer

22nd Apr 2021

Rolf Müller - Approaches towards innovative antibiotics from myxobacteria

Host: F. Götz

13th Apr 2021

Nathaniel Martin - Lipopeptide antibiotics that overcome clinically relevant resistance mechanisms in Gram-positive and Gram-negative pathogens

Host: T. Schneider

25th Feb 2021

Imrich Barák - Beyond Toxin Transport: Novel Role of ABC Transporter for Enzymatic Machinery of Cereulide NRPS Assembly Line

Host: W. Wohlleben / E. Stegmann

28th Jan 2021

Axel Brakhage - Natural products - Activation of their biosynthesis by microbial communication and their ecological significance

Host: F. Götz

12th Jan 2021

Simon J. Foster - The Bacterial Cell Wall: A Matter of Life and Death

Host: F. Grein / U. Kubitscheck

22nd Oct 2020

Manuel Liebeke - Imaging the secret life of microbes: metabolic interactions in a deep-sea symbiosis

Host: N. Ziemert / E. Stegmann

23rd Jul 2020

Andriy Luzhetskyy - Actinobacteria biosynthetic potential: bridging in silico and in vivo

Host: B. Gust / L. Kaysser

27th Feb 2020

Jodi Lindsay- Evolution of MRSA: horizontal gene transfer and antimicrobial resistance genes in the host

Host: H. Brötz-Oesterhelt

11th Feb 2020

William Shafer - Antibiotic resistance and the gonococcus: regulation of gene expression

Host: K. Pfarr

23rd Jan 2020

Marc Bramkamp - Flotillin-mediated membrane fluidity controls cell wall synthesis and MreB movement

Host: W. Wohlleben / E. Stegmann

14th Jan 2020

Ulrike EndesfelderVisualizing the inner life of microbes by single-molecule localization microscopy

Host: U. Kubitscheck / F. Grein

12th Dec 2019

Philipp KlahnInspired by nature´s design: Artificial enterobactin analogues for antimicrobial drug conjugates and smart fluorescence dyes

Host: D. Menche

28th Nov 2019

Nathalie Q. BalabanInterplay between antibiotic persistence, tolerance and resistance in the evolution of bacteria under antibiotic treatments

Host: B. Macek

24th Oct 2019

Matthew A. Cooper - Approaches to combat drug-resistant pathogens

Host: H. Brötz-Oesterhelt