Career Paths Workshop (30. June, 2021)

Career Paths Workshop (30. June, 2021)

In the frame of the TRR-Day, we organised a Career Paths Workshop. For the “Career Paths Workshop" we invited our guest speaker Dr. Ana Rita Brochado and few interesting people from Pharma & Health Authority fields (former MSc- or PhD-Students from the University of Tübingen & Bonn), who talked about their careers and gave some advices how to write a good CV and a good cover letter. Our speakers:

- Dr. Ana Rita Brochado - Group leader, Chair of Microbiology at the University of Würzburg (Jan 2019 – today)

- Dr. Alexander Zipperer - Scientist Infections Diseases at Roche (Jul 2020 – today)

- Dr. Miriam Fürst-Wilmes - Clinical assessor for anti-infectives at BfArM (Jul 2016 – today)

- Dr. Daniela Rausch - Senior Scientist / Laboratory Head Bacteriology at AiCuris, Wuppertal (Feb 2020 – today)

- MSc Christian Breitmeyer - Regulatory Affairs Manager, WÖRWAG Pharma (Apr 2021 – today)

Our TRR-members, especially PhD-students had a possibility to ask questions concerning career outside the university and to compare the academic and industrial careers during this session. The Career Paths Workshop was a great success – one hundred participants followed this session! The panel discussion seemed to be also very interesting for many PhD students.

Thank you very much for all talks and involvement in the discussion! Thank you very much for your positive feedback...

"...It was a pleasure to share my “career path” too. It was the first time I did it actually. And quite some students contacted my directly during or after the meeting. So indeed, I think this was a great idea! Once again thanks a lot for organising!"

Dr. Ana Rita Brochado (Group leader, Chair of Microbiology, University of Würzburg)

"...Zuerst möchte ich mich herzlich bei Euch bedanken, dass Ihr es trotz der Pandemie möglich gemacht habt, eine Summer School zu organisieren. Am TRR Tag hat alles wunderbar online funktioniert, auch dass die Poster Sessions ausgetauscht wurden und ein Career Path eingefügt wurde, fande ich persönlich nicht nur eine sehr gute Alternative, sondern auch super interessant! Daher finde ich es eine tolle Idee, wenn wir das in Zukunft beibehalten können!"

Elisa Liebhart (PhD-student, University of Tübingen)

"...Insgesamt fand ich unseren Tag gut gestaltet. Danke dafür! Die Mischung aus den Talks + Career Paths Session hat mir gut gefallen. Es war schön einen Einblick gewinnen zu können, was nach der Promotion alles möglich ist. Das können wir beim nächsten Mal gerne wieder so machen."

Jens-Peter Rodler (PhD-student, University of Tübingen)

"...Thank you so much for organizing the Summer School Symposium!
I have really profited from the Career Paths Session, so for me it would be great if we could have a similar one the next time! I would be interested in a talk by an editor/someone working at a journal or someone working in science communication.  In general, I really liked the symposium, but of course it would have been nicer to meet in person. Hopefully this will be possible in October."

Lara Behrmann (PhD-student, University Hospital of Bonn)