4th Summer-School „Microbes, Host and Infection“ (30. June - 2. July, 2021)

4th Summer-School „Microbes, Host and Infection“ (30. June - 2. July, 2021)

Since the ongoing SARS-CoV-2 pandemic still does not allow to meet in person, the TRR-Day (in the frame of the PhD-Summer School Symposium) was organized virtually. We invited a great Speaker Dr. Ana Brochado from the University of Würzburg, who held a talk about “Deciphering antimicrobial drug combinations using high-throughput approaches”. Our TRR-students presented four talks. Dardan Beqai (University of Tübingen – TRR-project B01) presented a talk about “Spatial and temporal cellular assembly of the glycopeptide biosynthetic complex”. Nina Pfahler (University of Tübingen – TRR-project B08) spoke about “Structures of cellular machineries relevant for antibiotic synthesis and action”. Christina Braun (University of Bonn TRR-project Z01) – showed her results on “Totalsynthesis of farnesyl lipid I analogue” And last but not least, Lara Behrmann (University of Bonn TRR-project A08) – addressed the topic “Cellular effects of fosfomycin treatment on Wolbachia”. We would like to thank the Young Investigator Board (Simon Heilbronner & Fabian Grein) for the great introduction and opening the Symposium. Many thanks to our TRR-PhD-Board (Yvonne Thoma, Milena Arts, Jens-Peter Rodler, Jan-Samuel Puls) for the excellent moderation during all sessions. Thank you very much for your great talks and your involvement in the fruitful discussion! Many thanks for the positive feedback…

" ...I also enjoyed the PhD symposium a lot!
Especially the career path session was interesting, because it was the first time where people spoke about their career path and the advantages/disadvantages of different jobs and so on. I think it would be a great idea to continue the career path session e.g. once in a year to get more insights and thoughts about this topic..."

Iris Löckener (PhD-student, University of Bonn)

"...It was a pleasure to share my “career path” too. It was the first time I did it actually. And quite some students contacted me directly during or after the meeting. So indeed, I think this was a great idea!
Once again thanks a lot for organising!..."

Dr. Ana Rita Brochado (Group leader, Chair of Microbiology, University of Würzburg)

"...Insgesamt hat mir das gesamte Programm der Summer School sehr gut gefallen. Vorallem fand ich die Erfahrungen interessant, die Jost Enninga im Bezug auf seinen Career Path im Ausland gesammelt hat. Daher fände ich es sehr gut, wenn auch nächstes Mal wieder ein Speaker dabei ist, der diesbezüglich im Ausland Erfahrungen gesammelt hat und diese teilt. Ich hätte es auch schön gefunden wenn die Postersessions noch etwas länger gewesen wären, aber das ist glaube ich persönlicher Geschmack. Ansonsten war alles perfekt."

Andreas Vorbach (PhD-student, University of Tübingen)